Courageous Client Award – iPhone Jonny / Consumer campaign

iPhone Jonny / Consumer campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: Yellow

For a traditional print directory business like the New Zealand Yellow Pages, the iPhone might be the last thing that you want your customers to think about. However, Yellow sought to bridge the gap between the public perception of its brand and its ability to be the go-to online source people could use for any and all needs. That is why it gets the Caples brand for courage. The brand clandestinely sponsored ‘iPhone Jonny’ to become the first person in the world to purchase an iPhone. He waited in line for three days and three nights in front of an Auckland store and received worldwide exposure for the stunt. While in line, he managed to secure food and shelter, get a proper barbershop shave, work out on a stationary bike and even host a dinner party, all the while blogging about how he secured these lifestyle assets by using The day after Jonny purchased the phone, Yellow revealed their secret using a full-page newspaper ad.

Creative Director
Dave King

Deputy Creative Director
Tony Clewett

Production Manager
Paul Pritchard

Michelle Rajalingham

Shortlisted Nominees

TED696 Project
Agency: BMF
Client: Lion Nathan
Creative Director
Simon Langley
Creative Director – Digital
Chris James

Perfect cars for the City
Agency: Proximity Germany GmbH
Client: Daimler AGsmart
Creative Director
Ingo Zacher

Germville: A Sick Place to Live
Agency: The Factory Interactive, Inc.
Client: Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System
Creative Director
Jason Inasi

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