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How Much Does it Cost to Do a Full Technical Audit of a Website?

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A comprehensive technical audit can uncover untapped potential, whether you’re aiming to improve an underperforming site or further increase organic traffic. There are many SEO tools you can use for this purpose. However, most of the time you’ll get basic data with important insights locked behind a paywall.

Furthermore, tools and data alone are not enough. To make sense of the insights you get, you need some solid knowledge and hands-on experience. That’s why if you want a detailed SEO audit with actionable tips on improving your site’s performance it’s best to leave it to an SEO professional.

This raises a logical question: “How much does it cost to run of full technical site audit?” Let’s find out!

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What is a Technical Audit?

A technical audit is like a thorough health check for your website. It looks at different site metrics and evaluates the technical aspects of the site to identify issues and improve its overall online presence.

It involves an in-depth analysis of various elements that impact how a website is crawled, indexed, and displayed by search engines, as well as how users interact with it. The primary goal of a technical audit is to uncover and address any underlying problems that might be affecting the website’s functionality, user experience, and search engine visibility.

Benefits of Getting a Technical Audit Done

Obviously, the ultimate benefit you get is more online visibility, more organic traffic, and, therefore, leads. However, doing a health checkup for your website can have a much more extensive effect on your business.

Enhanced User Experience

A technically sound website provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Getting an audit done helps identify bottlenecks, such as broken pages, mobile responsiveness, and navigation, resulting in a more positive experience for visitors.

Faster Page Load Times

Slow-loading pages can drive users away. A technical audit helps identify elements causing slow load times, such as oversized images or inefficient code, allowing you to optimize your site’s performance and retain visitors.

Optimized Mobile Performance

In Q1 of 2023, mobile devices accounted for 58.33% of web traffic. The importance of mobile responsiveness is further amplified with Google’s mobile-first indexing. A technical audit ensures that your website looks and functions well on various screen sizes and devices.

Broken links can harm user experience and SEO. A technical audit uncovers broken links, allowing you to fix them and prevent users from encountering frustrating dead ends.

Preventing Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content can leave both users and search engines confused. A technical audit helps identify and resolve this issue, improving your website’s overall quality and search engine performance.

Optimized Crawling and Indexing

A technical audit ensures that search engines can easily crawl and index your website’s pages. This means your valuable content is more likely to be discovered and ranked appropriately.

Enhanced Website Security

A technical audit can reveal security vulnerabilities that might leave your website exposed to threats. By addressing these vulnerabilities, you protect your website and your users from potential harm.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The insights gained from a technical audit provide valuable data to guide your optimization efforts. You can prioritize fixes based on actual data, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Long-Term Sustainability

Regular checks can help maintain your website’s health over time and go through algorithm changes more gracefully. As technology evolves and user expectations change, ongoing audits allow you to adapt and stay competitive.

Understanding the Cost of a Full SEO Audit

Long story short, there’s no average range. Bummer. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find that the prices vary greatly.

Some people say that prices start at $1000, and others say that you can expect to pay at least $3000. The truth is, the cost of an SEO audit depends on multiple factors. Let’s break these down and shed some light on what influences the price.

1. Experience of the SEO Specialist/Agency

The expertise and experience of the specialist or agency doing SEO audit play a significant role in determining the cost of the audit. Seasoned professionals with a proven track record might command higher fees due to their in-depth knowledge and ability to provide actionable insights.

2. Tools Used

Effective SEO audits often rely on a range of tools and software to gather data and insights. Efficient tools can come with a hefty price tag, and this cost might be reflected in the overall audit fee. Keep in mind though that the use of specialized tools can enhance the accuracy and depth of the analysis.

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3. Scope of Work

The scope of work required for your SEO audit is another major factor. Do you want an in-depth analysis of technical, on-page, off-page, and content aspects? The more comprehensive the scope, the higher the cost is likely to be.

4. Size of Your Website

The size and complexity of your website matter. Larger websites with numerous pages, sections, and functionalities require more time and effort to assess thoroughly. This can contribute to a higher audit cost.

5. Depth of Detail

How detailed do you want your audit to be? Some businesses might prefer a surface-level overview, while others require granular insights into every nook and cranny of their website. The depth of detail you seek will impact the complexity of the audit and, consequently, the cost.

6. Advice and Recommendations

The level of advice and recommendations you expect to receive at the end of the audit can also influence the cost. Some businesses are content with just a report, while others seek actionable steps and a strategic roadmap for improvement.

The Takeaway

The decision to invest in a full technical audit for your website can yield substantial benefits, ranging from improved online visibility and organic traffic to enhanced user experience and security. Furthermore, the advantages extend beyond SEO enhancements, encompassing benefits such as better decision-making, streamlined work processes, and, of course, more leads and profit.

While numerous SEO tools offer insights, the most valuable and actionable recommendations often require the expertise of an SEO professional. Ultimately, to decide whether such investment is worth it for your business, identify what you’re expecting from an audit, and what budget you can allocate.

Reach out to a couple of SEO professionals and agencies to get quotes for your scope of work and see whether your expectations meet the proposition. To wrap this up, remember, that SEO is much like an investment: you put in money and effort first, and you get the dividends later.

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