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Convio debuts online marketing benchmark report for nonprofits

Convio, a provider of online constituent relationship management solutions for nonprofits, has created an online marketing benchmark report to assist nonprofit organizations in creating online marketing programs that aim to maximize results.

The online report includes a discussion of key metrics that have been shown to influence online marketing effectiveness, including Web site traffic, registration rates and e-mail file size. It also contains analysis and trend data involving each metric.

Insights into how comparable organizations are performing against key metrics, including groups involved in animal welfare, environmental, Christian, health, public affairs and public broadcasting segments are included as well.

The report has tips and advice for improving different areas of an organization’s online marketing program, too.

The study summarizes how different vertical segments ranked against each other across each of the key metrics. Also summed up are the different strategies and tactics used by organizations in various segments of the nonprofit sector to more effectively achieve their online marketing goals.

Convio, Austin, TX, recently acquired Get Active Software, an interactive marketing company for nonprofits.

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