Condé Nast taps Acxiom for integrated marketing

Condé Nast has expanded its contract with Acxiom to include digital and integrated marketing.


The publisher of Vogue, Cookie, Wired and other titles has deployed Acxiom’s services for its traditional direct marketing efforts — such as direct mail — for more than 10 years. Now, Acxiom has taken on responsibility for online campaigns as well to create a multichannel integrated approach to consumer marketing.


“Condé Nast is really taking a concept that is widely talked about in the business — the notion of integrating communications across media — and turning it into reality,” noted Tim Suther, SVP of digital marketing services for Acxiom. “In terms of why they chose Acxiom, first, we had a decade worth of experience in supporting their requirements, and it turns out that many of the same principles that serve them well in the offline world are those that enable higher performing digital marketing.”


Acxiom’s newest efforts for Condé Nast focus heavily on e-mails, which Suther describes as “the workhorse of digital marketing.” The e-mails incorporate customer data to be as targeted as possible, and also feature messaging and offers integrated with offline campaigns. Acxiom works closely with ISPs to increase deliverability of the messages.


“Having a solid foundation and integrated messaging system are keys to delivering higher performance,” Suther continued. “I think good technology and a track record of service and support over the years are the reasons why Condé went with Acxiom.”


Condé Nast titles combined boast more than 14 million subscribers.


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