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Conclusive Marketing renews agreement with Franchise Services

Conclusive Marketing (formerly Mailnet Services Inc.), a provider of precision marketing and database services, renewed its agreement with Franchise Services Inc., to provide ListCleanUp.com and other direct marketing services to the franchise leader’s Sir Speedy and PIP Printing & Document Services network.

ListCleanUp.com is an online application that streamlines a list’s hygiene, data enhancement and list rental process, resulting in improved direct mail campaigns.

It has a secure, controlled interface, in which customers can submit orders online and track progress with a same day to 48-hour turnaround time.

ListCleanUp.com offers list-processing services that are extremely important for direct mail campaigns, especially with continuing increases in postal rates.

ListCleanup.com offers Sir Speedy and PIP franchisees access to a broad menu of direct marketing services, in order to optimize the quality of their databases.

“ListCleanUp.com offers accurate, efficient list hygiene services and cost savings for the Franchise Services Inc. network and their customers,” said Bill Brennan, CTO of Conclusive Marketing.

ListCleanUp.com services are available to all Sir Speedy and PIP centers across North America.

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