Concept to Produce Vibrassage DRTV Campaign

Direct response television production firm Concept Media said yesterday that it would begin work on a 30-minute infomercial campaign promoting vibrating, battery-powered sandals designed to provide deep-foot massages.

The Vibrassage, as the product is known, has had a successful run on home shopping channel QVC, according to Concept Media, Boca Raton, FL. Concept Media said it had successfully tested DRTV spots on national cable and expected to begin production on the long-format infomercial within the next 120 days.

The product costs $30. A free foot relaxer, the Foot Ball, will be offered as an incentive to buy the Vibrassage.

Concept Media said it also intended to market an expansion of the Vibrassage product line, featuring more varied styles and colors, on the Home Shopping Network. The Home Shopping Network line is expected to debut in two months.

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