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ComScore and PMB announce deal to link print, online and product usage data

ComScore Media Metrix Canada and PMB Print Measurement Bureau announced they will launch a service that links Canadians’ online media habits with print readership and other media consumption, as well as product usage and demographic information. The data is housed in a central database.

The service is available this summer, exclusively to PMB members and ComScore clients. It is intended to provide insights into Canadian Internet users and print readers’ behavior, to enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to make the most of print and digital media strategies.

“This collaboration offers a true win-win for the Canadian digital media community,” said Brent Lowe-Bernie, president of ComScore Canada, in a statement. “By bringing these important media planning variables together in a powerful combined database, we are equipping publishers with information about their audiences that will enable them demonstrate the value of their inventory, while providing advertisers the additional insights needed to optimize their media plans.

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