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Computer Shopper selects MeritDirect as list manager

MeritDirect is managing files for Computer Shopper, a buying guide to today’s technology, which includes products, in-depth product reviews, product roundups and buying advice.

The Computer Shopper’s unique audience is passionate about technology, extremely eager to learn about all the latest hi-tech products and, most of all, always thinking about their next purchase.

The files include the names of 450,000 tech enthusiasts with an insatiable hunger for technology products. They are well educated and affluent.

The following lists are available.

–Computer Shopper Magazine with 475,934 subscribers.

–Computer Shopper Consumer Enhanced Masterfile with 291,218 subscribers.

–Computer Shopper Magazine Female Subscribers with 72,750 subscribers .

–Computer Shopper Magazine SOHO with 18,000 subscribers.

–Computer Shopper Magazine Subscribers Email list with 70,000 subscribers.

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