Comerica Jumps Into the E-Billing Business

Financial giant Comerica Bank yesterday announced that it would offer corporate firms a business-to-consumer Internet billing service after penning an agreement with e-billing software firm Derivion.

The Web-based system allows businesses to receive online payments from consumers.

Derivion owns the inetBiller program, which the Atlanta-based firm says will cut back on paper usage and checks processed by personnel — saving e-businesses money on overhead costs.

Comerica, Detroit, says clients that have voiced a need for a BTC billing service sparked the deal.

The announcement by the two firms marks the increasing competition among companies wishing to establish a BTB niche in the Internet billing software market.

“There is a broad vista of opportunity in the electronic billing area,” said Robert Doestch, spokesman for Comerica. “Your definitely going to see more solutions of this kind announced in the future.”

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