CollegeHumor WAP site adds ad-supported games

CollegeHumor WAP site adds ad-supported games

As college students head back to school,’s mobile WAP site got more interesting. The year-old site added mobile games expanding its advertising inventory.

The effort is part of a new partnership between CollegeHumor’s mobile ad network Quattro Wireless and mobile in-game advertising firm Greystripe.

Users of the site will now be able to play more than a dozen free, ad-sup­ported games, ranging from brainteasers to origami.

The introduction of the games gives the target user “more of a reason to come to the site,” said Lars Albright, VP of busi­ness development at Quattro Wireless. “It also extends benefits to advertisers. Advertisers can run ads through the Quattro Wireless network and in-game through Greystripe,” he added.

The comedy site targets 18- to 24-year-olds, and the games are meant to help reach one of CollegeHumor’s goals: To increase the time that consumers spend on the site and engaging with the brand.

“Games are very popular with this demographic,” Albright added. “It is tech-savvy and always looking for new ways to consume content.”

Since it launched last year, the mobile site sees millions of impressions each month and users view four to five pages during each average visit. The most popular content on the site are photos and videos, from user-generated videos to popular comedians. is the first of Quattro’s Network to use Greystripe’s mobile gaming option on their site. If this goes well, Albright said that the same model may be used with other brand clients.

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