Coca-Cola’s “Social Robot” lets Israeli teens virtually attend a summer festival

Seems like robots are rising up and taking over the advertising gimmick world. 

A little while ago, we reported on San Pellegrino’s robots allowing its Facebook fans to virtually tour the streets of Italy. Now, another, slightly better known drinks company is coming out with its own “social robot.” 

Coca-Cola’s Summer Festival in Israel is hugely popular among teenagers, the annual event gets already generates plenty of social media buzz for the company to use. But what about the unfortunate souls who can’t make it to this fun filled, hormonal summer bonanza?

Enter Coca-Cola’s social robot, which allows you to experience the event vicariously. The robot can be controlled online from the comfort of your home and with its mounted webcam and two-way audio, you can take in the sights and sounds as well as interact with all the attendees. To be clear, the whole activity is tailor-made for teenage boys to lech on girls at the festival, something not-so-subtly alluded to in the video below. Oh well, as long as everyone’s having fun right?

Although this video is slightly creepy (robot sunbathing?) and some of the situations are fairly implausible (pretty sure no one was actually dancing around the robot in a pagan ring) it does look like fun and it marks yet another creative promotional effort by Coca-Cola.

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