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CMA Presses Regulators on Canadian DNC List

The Canadian Marketing Association last week called on Parliament to create a no-call registry in Canada and criticized a national regulatory body for failing to do so.

CMA president/CEO John Gustavson aimed his comments at the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. The CRTC asked the CMA to create a mandatory French-English no-call list in 2001 but has failed to follow up on the request, he said.

“The CRTC has had more than three years to study this issue since calling for comments and proposals,” Gustavson said in a statement. “In view of its decision not to take action, it is now up to the Parliament of Canada to move as quickly as possible to mandate the establishment of a national do-not-call service.”

The CMA operates its own no-call registry that it requires its members to use. However, telemarketers outside the CMA are not subject to the private registry.

Gustavson also called on the CRTC to establish enforcement procedures for telemarketing rules and create restricted calling hours.

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