Clorox Expands Interactive TV Offerings

Wink Communications, Alameda, CA., said yesterday that the Clorox Co. will expand its relationship with Wink by adding additional brands to its existing enhanced interactive television advertising.

Wink Enhanced Broadcasting gives viewers a way to interact with programs and advertisements while they watch. During an enhanced advertisement, viewers can use their remote control to request product samples, coupons or other offers from advertisers and make purchases instantly. Clorox began airing Wink enhanced advertising during the second half of 1999.

Wink’s technology enables programmers and advertisers to enhance TV with interactive overlays that appear as supplemental text and graphics on the TV screen, relating to the TV broadcast. When Wink is available a small symbol appears on the screen.

Wink’s system collects and routs viewer requests through its network. The company has agreements in place with major cable and satellite operators, Microsoft, Liberate and manufacturers of consumer electronic equipment to distribute Wink Enhanced Broadcasting to viewers.

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