ClickSquared’s Frawley joins Epsilon

Epsilon has hired Andrew Frawley as president of its digital services division.

Frawley comes to the newly created position from the CEO slot at ClickSquared. As president, digital services, at Epsilon, Frawley will manage all of the company’s digital services, including e-mail and interactive programs. He will report directly to Bryan Kennedy, COO and president, marketing technology.

 “Over the course of 2008, we integrated a lot of the processes we use to serve clients as well as general offerings, and towards the end of the year, it became clear we needed to bring in someone with experience in that kind of integration,” Kennedy explained. “Our digital business, our e-mail business, is a critical part of Epsilon’s offering, so it’s Andy’s [Frawley’s] job to spearhead that digital business, which includes overseeing technology developments, the rollout of the platform we manage for clients, overseeing sales and new business developments and ultimately being responsible for the delivery of services to our clients.”  

Kennedy said that Frawley’s experience in database and e-mail marketing, and his role in the development of marketing automation technologies as CEO of Exchange Applications, made him a good fit for the job.

“A big reason for bringing him on board is we don’t think of e-mail as a standalone channel but rather as a more integrated part of the overall marketing mix, and that has been his experience throughout his career,” Kennedy said.

Frawley’s past work with various marketing services providers, including Epsilon, also made him a natural choice for the position.

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