Chirpify launches digital music platform

Chirpify, a seven-week-old social commerce company on April 24 launched Twitter Commerce for Digital Content. The new platform, specific to the music industry, enables musicians to sell their music on the social media site, said Chris Teso, the company’s founder and CEO.

Teso said bands can upload MP3s or albums onto Chirpify and find potential buyers by promoting that music with tweets. It’s the ultimate in product targeting, he said. Your followers are already your fans.

“[Users can] transact directly in-stream on Twitter,” Teso said. “We enable you to pay, buy, sell, donate, conduct any kind of transaction on Twitter. There’s no checkout process.”

When customers respond to the band’s tweet in a specific way (i.e. Tweet “buy” back to the band), the transaction is completed in the background by connecting the band’s and its customers’ PayPal accounts.

 “We’re calling it conversational commerce,” he said. “We’re the only company to enable in-stream transactions.”

To combat the fact that Twitter feeds are constantly moving and updating, Chirpify allows bands and sellers to set Tweets on a schedule, Teso said. “You can set it to post every hour, or every half hour if you’d like,” he said. “Obviously, though, we don’t want to clog people’s feeds.”

Power Bar, Nestle and Hewett Packard are among the other companies who have signed up to work with Chirpify’s social e-commerce platform, Teso said.

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