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Chinachem Picks PacificNet for CRM

PacificNet Inc., a customer relationship management and telemarketing services provider in China, said yesterday that it was selected to provide CRM, telemarketing, cross-selling, membership database management and DM services to Chinachem Group, a multinational property development conglomerate based in Hong Kong.

Chinachem holdings include residential, commercial and industrial properties, shopping malls and hotels.

Chinachem recently began a customer loyalty marketing campaign, aiming to boost value-added services and cross-selling revenue from its 500,000 members. Its membership card offers shopping discounts from retailers, hotels, travel agencies, bars and restaurants, cinemas and other services offered by Chinachem as well as up-to-date lifestyle information to benefit Chinachem Club members and tenants and hundreds of product and service providers.

PacificNet, based in Minneapolis and Hong Kong, and subsidiary PacificNet Epro will deliver services including database management and data mining to promote membership card sales and distribution. PacificNet also will provide CRM, telemarketing and other contact center services to Chinachem's 500,000 residents, commercial occupants and tenants.

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