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China Peak Resort Closure Boosts Local Economy

Resort Closure
Resort Closure

Despite China Peak mountain resort’s temporary shutdown due to a recent storm, local businesses are thriving. Increased foot traffic in ski shops, restaurants, and hotels implied a supportive community rallying for the economy. Business owners attribute this success to loyal customers alongside tourists. Temporarily unemployed, the resort’s staff remain hopeful, anticipating the re-opening of China Peak thanks to the community’s tremendous support.

The resort plans to re-open on Sunday, welcoming guests to enjoy abundant attractions regardless of the weather. A myriad of activities including an indoor water park, arcade games, wine tasting sessions, relaxing spa services, outdoor ventures-like cycling and horse riding- promise fun for all ages. A wide variety of dining options ensuring global cuisine awaits the visitors.

The Trading Post restaurant boasts a consistent patronage even amidst harsh weather, reflecting the community’s dependency on winter tourism. Their perseverance underscores the restaurant’s prominence and winter tourism’s significant role in regional economic stability. The commitment of the customers showcases community resilience and adaptability to adversities and furthermore signifies the importance of small businesses in tough times.

The Trading Post, with history up its sleeve of resilience against severe weather events, employs trained staff that can manage potential power cuts. This uninterrupted service, guaranteed by generators, manifests the restaurant’s commitment to handle adversities and serve its customers diligently. The resilience and flexibility of the business ensure continuous thriving despite unpredictable weather.

While China Peak remains closed, its employees are working eagerly to clear decks, lifts and parking spaces, in anticipation of Sunday’s reopening. Comprehensive measures are in place to undertake any eventualities, thereby ensuring inclusive visitor safety. The temporary closure availed the necessary maintenance time, meeting the standards for a top-tier winter sports experience. China Peak resort consistently stays connected with its community, ensuring them of their progress.

Tim Cohee, China Peak’s president, emphasized visitor safety, recommending checking for snow chain requirements, skiing in pairs, compliance with closure notices, and wearing a helmet. Expressing optimism for Sunday, he ensures that while safety is primary, the joy of snow sports will remain integral. He reassured the snow sports enthusiasts, stating that the resort strictly adheres to safety guidelines and requests visitors to respect the same.

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