Celestial Seasonings launches Facebook quiz app

Tea maker Celestial Seasonings launched its first Facebook application January 5 to promote its new line of green teas. Users can visit Facebook.com/CelestialSeasonings to take a quiz called “PossibiliTEAS.”

Celestial Seasonings will donate $1 to Conservation International‘s “Protect an Acre” program — up to a limit of $50,000 — for each user who takes the quiz.

After taking the quiz, Facebook users are prompted to enter their home address to receive two sample teabags. The company is giving away up to 15,000 samples. At that point, consumers can also opt-in to Celestial Seasoning’s quarterly e-mail newsletter, called “Tea Leaflet.” The newsletter contains information on the company’s social responsibility program, special holiday teas and recipes.

Jennifer Stolte, marketing director for Celestial Seasonings, said the newsletter has more than 100,000 recipients. “Building our e-mail database isn’t the primary goal of this campaign, but we always want to grow the newsletter to get new information out to consumers,” she said.

The quiz asks users thought-provoking questions. The answers align customers with one of the nine symbolic Asian characters found on boxes of Celestial Seasonings green teas. Participants are given guidance based on the character and its associated meaning. For example, the dragon featured on Authentic Green Tea represents “awakening” while the butterfly featured on Raspberry Gardens Green Tea symbolizes “joy.”

The Facebook app also drives users to Celestial Seasonings’ and Conservation International’s homepages.

Stolte said she expects the quiz to remain active for three to four months. The company’s Facebook fan page launched in March.

She explained that consumers between 25 and 54 years old are the brand’s major target audience. “These are some of the fastest-growing demographics on Facebook,” she noted. “Social media is something that’s really growing. So many people are online, especially on Facebook, so we’re excited to step into the water.”

This is the first time Celestial Seasonings has worked with Conservation International, which works to slow climate change and to preserve tropical forests around the world.

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