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CBS, RealNetworks Offer 'Big Brother 2' Webcasts

Beginning today, CBS will let viewers watch “Big Brother 2,” which is in its second U.S. season, through its three-month run on www.cbs.com for a one-time fee of $19.95.

However, the network will not Webcast everything that transpires in the house. Features such as three weekly challenges and the eviction nomination process will not be Webcast.

RealNetworks last week began Webcasting live, 24-hour video from the “Big Brother 2” house through the show's site on CBS' Web site and through RealNetworks' subscription service.

CBS and RealNetworks, a Seattle-based Internet media delivery company, offered viewers a free trial subscription following the show's broadcast Thursday. The offer expired last night.

Subscribers, however, will be able to view those events via on-demand clips on the Web site following the broadcast.

Viewers also can watch the show online if they subscribe to RealNetworks' GoldPass subscription service, which costs $9.95 per month and includes RealNetworks' programming, content, games and software downloads.

“The online community played such a vital role in the popularity of the first installments of this convergence television program,” said David Katz, vice president of strategic planning and interactive ventures at CBS.

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