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Cataloger bowing out of show

We used to attend the DMA conference on a yearly basis. But once we saw the potential decrease – as catalog-related content and prospects started migrating away from this show – we began to cut back our involvement.

We have customers and prospects who are saying that they need education because the business is getting so technical, but they’re not going to find much that is relevant in Chicago. Last year, I attended the conference’s Senior Summit, but I’m not even going to do that this year because there just isn’t enough catalog-related content. Instead, I’m going to travel to Chicago while the conference is going on, to meet with a handful of customers. But, I probably won’t even go over to the exhibit hall.

I think the show works for people outside of the catalog industry, but it has gotten away from anything that’s catalog-related. Where the show works on the print side is for those companies and prospects interested in lettershop services and one-to-one marketing. The show fits that niche perfectly.

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