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Caregiver Accused of Abandoning Billionaire, Pocketing Legacy

"Legacy Pocketing Caregiver"
“Legacy Pocketing Caregiver”

Natalia Vostrikova, a longtime employee of deceased real estate billionaire Allan Goldman, stands accused of abandoning him in Russia. Vostrikova also allegedly claimed a $2 million legacy after Goldman’s death.

Goldman was a patient of Parkinson’s disease and died at the age of 78 from multiple organ failure on January 15, 2022. Following his death, allegations emerged that Vostrikova had drained $8.2 million of Goldman’s wealth over several years.

Goldman’s considerable fortune, estimated around $1 billion, came mostly from his inherited share of the family real estate business, Solil Management. He and his sister Jane had effectively followed in their father Sol Goldman’s footsteps, managing the successful company.

Vostrikova began working for Goldman in the early 1990s, initially as a babysitter for his children. However, as Goldman’s health failed, she assumed the role of his primary caregiver. This information is sourced from a lawsuit filed by Goldman’s child and executor of his estate, Steven Gurney-Goldman.

Allegations in the lawsuit claim that Vostrikova began to limit Goldman’s contacts and neglected his health needs around 2018. She has been accused of withholding his medication, neglecting his Parkinson’s disease, and moving him to Russia in July 2021. In Russia, it’s alleged she left him in subpar care facilities while using his credit card for substantial purchases.

An affidavit from Goldman’s former wife suggested a romantic relationship between him and Vostrikova. On the other hand, the lawsuit from Goldman’s children accuses Vostrikova of severe neglect of their father. This neglect was evidenced by severe bedsores and weak, incomplete phone calls. Vostrikova continues to defend her innocence.

The suit alleges that Vostrikova ignored medical advice to admit Goldman to a Moscow hospital due to financial reasons in January 2022. Instead, she is said to have embarked on a grueling 400-mile journey to a St. Petersburg hospital, where Goldman died the following day.

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