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Capri Sun’s “It’s Gonna Be Epic” Campaign

Capri Sun Marketing
Capri Sun Marketing

Capri Sun, the beloved single-serve beverage brand, has recently launched an exciting new campaign titled “It’s Gonna Be Epic.” This campaign, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, marks the brand’s first major effort since unveiling a new lower-sugar formulation. It aims to capture the essence of small moments where kids are in charge, turning everyday experiences into epic adventures. In this article, we will delve deeper into Capri Sun’s campaign, exploring its key elements, target audience, and media strategies.

The Concept: Kid-in-Charge Moments

Capri Sun’s “It’s Gonna Be Epic” campaign revolves around the concept of “kid-in-charge” moments. These are the small, seemingly insignificant experiences that hold immense significance for children. Whether it’s riding a bike, playing outside, or embarking on imaginative adventures, Capri Sun recognizes the magic in these everyday occurrences.

Epic Moments Brought to Life

To bring the concept to life, Capri Sun collaborated with creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners to create three captivating spots. These spots, set to roll out between this month and March 2024, envision epic versions of the kid-in-charge moments. Each spot presents a fantastical twist on everyday experiences, capturing the excitement and wonder that children often find in the simplest of activities. From encountering a family of sasquatches on a bike ride to causing a sonic boom with a three-point basketball shot, these spots transport viewers into a world where anything is possible.

Media Strategies: Co-Viewing and Co-Listening

Capri Sun’s campaign targets not only kids but also their families. Recognizing the importance of co-viewing and co-listening habits, the brand aims to create content that can be enjoyed by both children and their parents. To achieve this, Capri Sun has partnered with various streaming platforms and media agencies. The campaign will debut on the new Dude Perfect streaming platform through display ads, sponsored playlists, interactive gameplay units, and as a sponsor of the Trick Shot of the Month. Additionally, it will run on Super Awesome, Playwire, Paramount, Disney+, and Kidoodle TV. The audio component of the campaign will be featured on Spotify and iHeart platforms. By strategically targeting family streaming platforms and leveraging custom video units and audio ads, Capri Sun aims to engage both kids and parents in the shared experience of watching and listening together.

The Formula Change: Lower Sugar, In-Line with Consumer Tastes

“It’s Gonna Be Epic” is Capri Sun’s first major campaign since the brand underwent a formula change last summer. The goal of this change was to address changing consumer preferences and reduce the sugar content by 40%. By incorporating monk fruit concentrate as a natural sweetener, Capri Sun successfully aligned its recipe with consumer tastes. This reformulation not only ensures that Capri Sun remains a beloved choice for kids but also highlights the brand’s commitment to providing healthier options.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Dude Perfect Streaming Service

As part of the campaign’s media strategies, Capri Sun has partnered with the Dude Perfect streaming platform. Dude Perfect, known for its trick shots and stunt-focused content, recently launched its own streaming service. This service brings the brand’s exciting content to various streaming platforms, including Roku, Apple, and Android TV. By collaborating with Dude Perfect, Capri Sun taps into the platform’s engaging and entertaining content, further enhancing the campaign’s appeal to its target audience.

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Q1: What is Capri Sun’s “It’s Gonna Be Epic” campaign about?

A1: Capri Sun’s campaign celebrates “kid-in-charge” moments, highlighting the significance of everyday experiences for children.

Q2: How is Capri Sun bringing these moments to life?

A2: Creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners created three captivating spots, adding a fantastical twist to everyday experiences.

Q3: What are some examples of these epic moments?

A3: The spots feature encounters with sasquatches during a bike ride and causing a sonic boom with a basketball shot.

Q4: Who is the target audience for Capri Sun’s campaign?

A4: The campaign targets both kids and their families, emphasizing co-viewing and co-listening experiences.

Q5: Where can I watch the campaign?

A5: The campaign will appear on streaming platforms like Dude Perfect, Super Awesome, Playwire, Paramount, Disney+, and Kidoodle TV. You can also listen to the audio component on Spotify and iHeart platforms.

Q6: What formula change did Capri Sun undergo recently?

A6: Capri Sun reduced its sugar content by 40% by using monk fruit concentrate as a natural sweetener, aligning with changing consumer preferences.

Q7: What is the Dude Perfect streaming platform, and how is Capri Sun involved?

A7: Dude Perfect’s streaming service, available on Roku, Apple, and Android TV, partners with Capri Sun to enhance the campaign’s appeal with engaging content.

Featured Image Credit: Gabriel Alenius; Unsplash – Thank you!

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