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Caples Awards honor best in direct marketing

The John Caples International Awards honored the very best in direct marketing on March 25 at Capitale in New York.

Shackleton won the Maxwell Sackheim Award for Best in Show for its “The village where nothing ever happens” business campaign, and Proximity BBDO, Belgium, and client Dodge won the Courageous Client Award for their “Baby made on board” consumer effort.

Draftfcb, New Zealand, was awarded the Best Copywriting prize for its work on the “Hour-long letter” campaign, while M&C Saatchi/Mark won Best Art Direction for its work promoting Cirque du Soleil.

Alfonso Marian won the 2009 Irving Wunderman Award, and Ron Jacobs won the 2009 Andi Emerson Award.

Click here for a full list of winners.

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