Cambria puts a new custom publication on the table

Cambria, a producer of natural quartz countertops, has launched its first custom publication, Cambria Style, as part of a new push for consumer engagement.

The glossy magazine will be sent to 18,000 Cambria customers in the brand’s best-served geographic regions, which include Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Charlotte and Wisconsin, among others.

Cambria customers tend to be high income baby boomers — exemplified by spokeswoman and first cover model Cheryl Tiegs — and buyers are split evenly between men and women.

The magazine also is being mailed to Cambria fabricators and installers, as well as to the brand’s 5,000 retail partners. Additional copies from the first run of 75,000 are available for free to anyone who signs up on the company Web site.

“Cambria is a family-run company that really values and hangs its laurels on its relationships with our business partners and consumers,” explained Summer Kath, director of marketing for Cambria. “We really wanted to produce something that had value for partners and consumers and would further connect us to them, and [custom publishing] really was the vehicle for us to do that.

“We’re not just producing stories about the product but also about our partners and consumers,” she added. “We want to get it out there and create this community. We call it ‘Cambria Style’ because we want it to be about the lifestyle of the person that would have Cambria in her home.”

Cambria Style is the first offering in a multiprong strategy that the company is launching this year., a Web site that will include additional content and social media opportunities, is slated to launch next month, and the company hopes to eventually create a robust social network of Cambria owners and sellers. Kath also noted that the custom magazine is not only a first for Cambria, but also the countertop surface industry.

Touchpoint Media, a custom publishing company based in New York, is responsible for producing Cambria Style. The magazine will be mailed three times a year, and the second issue will be used to introduce new products to consumers.

To drive consumers to the first issue, Cambria sent out e-blasts to its purchasing base of about 40,000 consumers.

The Cambria homepage also promotes the publication. The goal is to double circulation to 150,000 for the next issue. Eventually, Cambria hopes to reach 400,000 to 500,000 subscribers, based on demand, Kath said.

Cambria’s headquarters are located in Eden Prairie, MN.

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