Call Center Gives Casual Dress New Meaning

A Dutch teleservices firm is so strapped for workers that the company has begun recruiting nudists to staff its call center by promising they will be allowed to work naked, Reuters reported yesterday.

Reuters declined to name the company “for fear of offending existing clients,” though it said the firm was based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In one four-hour period, 75 Dutch naturists responded to an ad in the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf calling for applications. The ad asked potential hires, “Always wanted to work in the nude?”

The teleservices firm said in a statement that because call center agents have no face-to-face contact with customers, it doesn't matter what they wear, according to the report. A manager with the company told Reuters that the firm planned to launch a separate business unit dubbed “Au Nature Telesales” for the call center.

Interviews would be conducted fully clothed, Reuters reported.

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