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Buy Directly From Ads With XpressBuy

Thanks to new technology, consumers may change their tune about online ads and their overall presence. XpressBuy allows shoppers to make purchases directly from a mobile or desktop ad across all platforms.

Intended for retailers that sell products online, the platform is a layer for existing e- and m-commerce engines that monetizes ads based on in-the-moment trends and consumer desire. What’s more, the platform works without changing brands’ existing websites, order fulfillment technology, or e-commerce platforms. 

The company also claims to have four times as many participating retailers as Facebook Buy and Twitter Buy combined.

“XpressBuy will completely transform advertisers’ ability to convert impressions to dollars,” says Murali Subbarao, XpressBuy founder and president. “In fact, XpressBuy delivers an average of six times the conversion rates of traditional advertising across marketplaces and social media—easily a majority of places where buyers are connected to the Internet and engaged in content.”

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