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Business Objects Launches Web-based Version of DB Software

Business Objects SA introduced a Web-based version of its database marketing software yesterday, making it the latest company to push into the fast-growing market for applications delivered over the Internet.

Crystalreports.com is the company's new software as a service offering. The software helps companies mine mountains of information stored in databases and use the data to detect marketing trends.

The San Jose, CA, and Paris-based company said crystalreports.com would let midsize organizations take advantage of its business intelligence platform without further investments in IT infrastructure.

Crystalreports.com has two service plans. The basic level is a feature of Crystal Reports XI and is generally available now in North America. The premium level, which will be available for a monthly subscription fee, is to be generally available in North America later this quarter. Both service plans will be delivered globally during the second half of 2006.

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