Bud Light extends “Dude” campaign to mobile phones

Anheuser-Busch is extending its “Dude” campaign for its Bud Light brand to the mobile space.

The campaign, created by Atmosphere BBDO, takes the word “Dude” and high­lights the fact that it can be used in a variety of ways to communicate a number of ideas. The new component of this online and TV campaign is a text message feature that lets consumers send “Dude”-encoded messages to their friends’ cell phones. The goal of the mobile end of the campaign is to reach young people.

“The brand objective is to be relevant in the mobile arena with our core 21- to 27-year-old consumer, while at the same time utilizing a multiplatform strategy that extends beyond point of sale,” said Rick Leininger, director, Bud Light in an e-mail.

A consumer on the Bud Light Dude microsite can select from a number of particular ways of using the word dude. It may be a way to express boredom at the office, to send a romantic message to a lover or to invite friends to a party. Once the desired “Dude” is picked, the user enters theirs — and a friend’s — name and cell phone number. They then receive a text, which they have to respond to, to opt in to the promotion.

The friend gets a phone call with a prere­corded “Dude” on the line. This is followed by a text message translation of what the statement meant. For example, “Dude” could mean, “Thanks for a great night last night,” to a special somebody.

“This age group puts significant impor­tance on their mobile devices and social­izing not only through voice, but also text messaging and ‘Dude’ fits their vernacular,” Leiniger added.

“We wanted to give people a way to connect with the brand at the same time they are connecting with their friends in a fun way,” said Stewart Krull, creative director at Atmosphere BBDO.

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