Britain’s Royal Mail Launches Business Movers File

The Business Movers File, a new source of information on businesses that have relocated within Britain, is now available from Royal Mail.

The file, updated monthly, is designed to provide sales leads for business-to-business marketers who can be contacted with relevant and targeted direct mail at the key time they are most likely to need certain services.

According to London-based Royal Mail, companies that have relocated tend to be active buyers of a wide range of products and services — from office equipment to stationery, recruitment, advertising and financial services.

In addition, research from the Directory Association shows that companies spend more in the first few months of moving than over the next five years and are seen as valuable sales prospects.

The Business Movers File enables marketers to select records by date of re-location, geographic area and opportunity code, which classifies the business by distance moved. Telephone numbers are also available, so mailing campaigns can be followed up with a call to improve response.

This file is screened against Britain’s Corporate Telephone Preference Service to ensure that only companies that have opted in to receive direct marketing calls are included in the file.

The Business Movers File comprises an archive of more than 300,000 businesses that have relocated over the previous three years.

Each month, approximately 5,000 businesses notify Royal Mail of a move, and agree that their redirection details can be shared with other companies, and that information keeps the Business Movers File up-to-date.

Users are able to subscribe to the file for a monthly feed of records, as well as select from the historic database, for example, to target businesses 12 months after relocating.

Royal Mail said the file was created because of a strong demand from its customers for sources of potential quality leads to maximize the effectiveness of their direct mail programs.

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