and Armstrong partner to aid cancer victims

Online video firm BrightSpot Media has partnered with the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

The new partnership will let BrightSpot consumers, who watch ads in exchange for free services, spend their credits on cancer research through $5 donations to the Lance Armstrong Foundation on a monthly basis.

“The partnership encourages people to take a look at this charitable cause,” said Aaron Martens, co-founder/CEO of BrightSpot.

The donations to the nonprofit will be made by BrightSpot’s advertising partners., an interactive online video platform, lets consumers create personal profiles so that advertisers can serve up targeted advertisements. The consumers in turn earn credits based on the amount of time they spend watching commercials online.

Consumers who watch commercials on can trade their earned credits in at Other content partners include GameFly, Napster, and Joining with the Lance Armstrong Foundation begins BrightSpot’s offering of nonprofit credits.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation, based in Austin, TX, aims to bring cancer victims and their families together to fight the disease through practical information, community and health tools.

The BrightSpot service will be promoted on the nonprofit’s Web site at The promotion will give BrightSpot visibility to a new audience, though according to Martens, the goal is more about raising money and awareness for cancer victims.

Martens said that the firm is interested in working with other non-profits in the future, but now the focus is on the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

“We’ll look at other foundations on a one-to-one basis, but to reinforce the importance of this cause, we do not want to add too many other causes,” Martens added.

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