Brickstream Introduces CRM Product

Brickstream Corp. debuted the Brickstream System yesterday at the National Retail Federation's 2002 Annual Convention and Exposition in New York.

The customer relationship management product lets brick-and-mortar companies build a complete view of customers across all channels, said Brickstream, Arlington, VA. It helps companies develop a more complete understanding of the customer experience in the store that can be used to improve in-store service and marketing initiatives, such as direct marketing campaigns.

The Brickstream System leverages in-store video technology and patented “image understanding” software to automatically and anonymously collect customer activity data in the store — where customers go and what they do. Brickstream Intelligence applications — the flagship products of the Brickstream System — turn this data into actionable customer intelligence and send it in real time to decision makers and business systems. Businesses use Brickstream Intelligence to improve the planning and execution of CRM initiatives.

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