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Brands tweeting on MLK day: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Yesterday, we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, so obviously brands took to Twitter to try to sell us stuff. While some managed to tie into the holiday with a restrained, classy message, there were plenty that tweeted in poor taste, and a few that inspired no other reaction than a genuine “WTF?”

Here’s a roundup of the tweets. First the good:

AARP went one step further than a simple tweet, by creating an inspiring video .

Nordstrom played it safe, tweeting a simple message to honor the holiday, and including a shareable picture of a memorable quote. The lesson: It’s always brands that make it less about themselves that do well on on holidays on social media.

Then there was the bad, which was basically brands superficially paying lip service to the holiday, while still promoting themselves in not-so-subtle ways that just didn’t fit right with the tone of remembrance.

Sleep-aid ZzzQuil attempted reference to an iconic speech.

Malt-O-Meal makes it all about breakfast:

This one from Eye Smart is slightly daft:

And this one from DuPont is ridiculously self-serving:

It get’s even worse. Here’s the ugly:

I don’t think American Airlines knows what “serve” means in the original quote.

Hats.com sent a tweet so unimaginative, it’s almost aggressive.

And the award for worst tweet, (possibly ever) goes to Pornhub, but then again, should we expect any less from a porn site?

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