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Blair Folds 220 Hickory Into Womenswear Book

Blair Corp. said yesterday that it will incorporate its 220 Hickory spin-off catalog into the core Blair Womenswear catalog by April 2002.

The Warren, PA company also said that it plans to reevaluate the possibility of offering the separate title in the future “as economic conditions improve.”

220 Hickory was developed as an in-house product line eight years ago and targeted “younger, more upscale” female customers.

“The success of this line led to continued growth and eventual development of the 220 Hickory spin-off catalog in the spring of 2001,” the company said in its announcement. The catalog included 220 Hickory label products as well as best-selling items from the core Blair and Blair Boutique product lines.

The apparel line has been a major component of Blair's strategy to “contemporize” its traditional women's offerings, attract younger consumers and reverse file attrition, the company said.

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