Black Ice: MAPS Claims Dismissed

A Superior Court judge in Santa Clara County, CA, has dismissed anti-spam group Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC’s lawsuit accusing Black Ice Software of sending spam, the software firm said yesterday.

“The court held that, even taking all of MAPS' allegations against Black Ice as true, that MAPS had failed to state the proper factual basis for its claims of spamming by Black Ice,” Jozsef Nemeth, president of Black Ice Software, Amherst, NH, said in a statement.

The two began scrapping in March 2000 when MAPS said it received several complaints about Black Ice. The people who complained said they received unsolicited commercial e-mail from Black Ice as a result of visiting the firm's site accidentally.

MAPS subsequently put Black Ice on its Realtime Blackhole List, a compilation of alleged spammers that mail administrators use to block e-mail traffic.

After negotiations between MAPS and Black Ice broke down, the software firm sued MAPS over the RBL listing. In an unusual move, MAPS responded with a lawsuit of its own, charging that Black Ice was in violation of a California code against spam.

According to Black Ice, its suit against MAPS is still pending.

Neither party could be reached for comment.

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