Bing Launches Election Insights, Provides Marketing Intelligence

Bing has officially announced the launch of Campaign Landscape, an election tab that provides insights into the content for consumers and brands.

The aggregated real-time insights will incorporate four different tabs: polls (national and state), predictions, spending and search interest. The in-depth insight tab will be bolstered by data, statistics and analytics retrieved by HuffPost Pollster, a subsidiary of the Huffington Post.

“Bing’s real-time insights and intelligence into this year’s election is another example of the robust, immediate search experiences consumers and brands rely on us to deliver, inside and outside of election cycles,” said Steve Sirich, GM of Online Services for Microsoft, in the news release by Bing.

The Campaign Landscape election tab has the capability to aid local campaigners and local races with real-time information and analytics, thereby enhancing their marketing and fundraise strategies.

“Bing powers personalized connections with intelligence so marketers can achieve more in-depth insight into online engagement at the right time, with the most relevant content,” Sirich said.

The winning predictions by state function will allow users to see who Bing believes will win the presidential election, and which nominee will win each state, based on poll analytics. Additionally, Bing will also add a forecast for each congressional race and which party will control the balance of power in Congress.  

The candidate spending function is a map-view of how much money each candidate is spending in each state, and the amount of money each candidate has raised from key resources on the national level.

The state-by-state voting preference is another map-view concept, whereby users will have the ability to search volume by each candidate in relation to age and gender.

Bing will livestream the final debate, Wednesday, Oct. 19.  

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