Best practices for an association

CoreNet Global, the world’s premier association for corporate real estate and related professionals, is typical of many professional associations in the way it markets and communicates itself to its industry, members, prospects and other vested interests surrounding it. Its use of traditional and electronic marketing is constantly analyzed and optimized.

BrightWave Marketing, an e-mail marketing boutique services firm, has been a CoreNet partner for over three years and has collaborated on establishing an e-mail marketing program that has driven registrations (i.e. revenue) for its Global Summits and membership benefits and information to key constituents.

This program was launched and spearheaded by Richard Kadzis, CoreNet Global’s director of special projects and media relations.

While declining delivery and response metrics have plagued the industry, BrightWave Marketing and CoreNet Global have focused on a strategy that has turned down the volume and more effectively targeted CoreNet’s global customer base along their lines of interest, preference, geography and other delineations.

This demassification, when combined with the use of graphical and text sidebars that allow cross promotion of other programs, provides an opportunity to reduce the frequency and quantity – particularly those that are irrelevant – of e-mails a member receives.

As a result, metrics have maintained their perch well above industry benchmarks while over $800,000 of annual revenue is generated from targeted e-mail campaigns. Member retention rate is in the 88 percent to 90 percent range – well above the association industry average of 83 percent.

These impressive numbers are the results at least in part to well thought-out and tested e-mail messaging that is relevant and beneficial to its members.

CoreNet Global has also excelled at the local level where its chapter leadership and constituents have streamlined their processes and strategies in order to deliver consistent messaging and branding.

Metrics have, without fail, been almost 20 percent higher than industry averages and just as importantly, provided communications that the local membership can immediately benefit from and expect on a regular frequency without cannibalizing global efforts.

With a worldwide audience and staff that ranges in locale from Sao Paulo to Shanghai, best practices are critical in presenting itself (and its messaging) as forward thinking organization.

Spam law compliance is just as important and varies by country to country. CoreNet Global was compliant on the U.S. CAN-SPAM law well before it was signed into action in 2003. We worked hand in hand with CoreNet Global to ensure proper interpretation of a complex new e-mail-related law governing China and continue to monitor other geocentric e-mail laws.

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