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Beloved Dogecoin mascot, Kabosu, passes away

"Mascot Kabosu"
“Mascot Kabosu”

Kabosu, the famed Shiba Inu and beloved mascot of Dogecoin, peacefully passed away in her sleep on May 25, 2024, at the age of 18. Her passing was announced by her owner, Atsuko Sato, shaking her vast online community of admirers.

Regarded as one of the most heartwarming internet sensations due to her amusing expressions, Kabosu’s farewell sent out waves of sorrow among her global followers. However, her charm and legacy will persist, cementing her timeless presence on the internet as a symbol of joy and positivity.

The loss of Kabosu carries heavy significance given her affiliation with Dogecoin, a digital currency that has evolved from a parody on the 2013 crypto-mania to a serious contender in the cryptocurrency market.

Reflecting on Kabosu: Dogecoin’s iconic mascot

Kabosu’s lovable image has been part-and-parcel of Dogecoin’s narrative, contributing to the coin’s unique standing as a ‘meme cryptocurrency’.

Dogecoin’s value surged notably in 2020, following its endorsement by tech mogul Elon Musk, post his purchase of Twitter in 2022. It’s worth noting, however, that investments in cryptocurrency can be inherently volatile and necessitate cautious approach.

Dogecoin gained further momentum in 2023 when Kabosu’s image replaced Twitter’s signature blue bird logo temporarily, rebranding the platform to ‘Twitter X’. The unprecedented move captivated millions, sparking a global conversation about Dogecoin and inflating its demand which, in turn, affected its market value.

Subsequent to Kabosu’s demise, heartfelt tributes surfaced on social media platforms, highlighting the profound impact that the world-famous dog had, particularly in the realm of digital currencies. Sympathy messages shared by admirers underscored the strong relation Kabosu had established with participants of the internet culture and digital currency community, confirming that her influence continues to prevail, even posthumously.

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