BCC Software Adds Suppression

BCC Software Inc., Rochester, NY, a presorting and list management software provider, said this week that it added suppression services to its BCC Data Services offering, which is used along with Mail Manager 2010 and Mail Manager 2010 LE software.

Using these services before dropping direct mail campaigns lets mailers identify and omit recipients who do not wish to receive a specific offer or who may be unlikely to respond. This minimizes waste while increasing projected response rates and improving return on investment, BCC Software said.

BCC's suppression services include:

· Mail Preference Service. Managed by the Direct Marketing Association, this list includes people who opted not to receive ad mail.

· Deceased master file suppression. This flags addresses whose primary residents have died (according to the Social Security Administration and other sources).

· Prison suppression. Compares list data against a national directory of addresses identified as prisons.

· Pander files. Uses written requests from outside organizations to have a name and address removed from mailing lists.

· Business/shopping center addresses. Compiled from regional white pages listings.

· College addresses. Compares addresses to a database of about 220 ZIP codes assigned to colleges or universities.

· Military ZIP codes. Flags addresses featuring ZIP codes corresponding to military installations.

· Nursing homes: Matches addresses against those identified as nursing homes.

· Relative input of another's death. Similar to deceased master file, but consisting of written do-not-mail notifications from a relative of a deceased person.

· Retirement homes. Similar to nursing home suppression, this service isolates addresses identified as retirement homes.

· Trailer park. Flags mobile home/trailer park addresses.

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