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Bayer Gathers Data with Promotion at Aleve Web Site

Bayer Consumer Care, the Morristown, NJ, marketer of pain relief medications, yesterday said it had launched a new Web site for its Aleve nonprescription analgesic product.

The site is capturing consumer data through an offer for free samples of Aleve, a pain reliever marketed for its long-lasting effects. Through a fairly extensive questionnaire, the company is asking for information about how often the consumer takes nonprescription pain relievers and what brands are used, in addition to other income about household composition, demographics and income.

The survey contains a message that the information will only be used by Bayer.

A spokesperson from Bayer was not available to discuss how the company might use the information in future marketing efforts.

The site, which was created in collaboration with The Quantum Group and Savatar, also offers price comparisons between Aleve and other leading analgesics, tips on avoiding and managing different types of pain, answers to frequently asked questions and toll-free number for additional questions.

The Quantum Group is the consumer healthcare communications arm of CommonHealth, and Savatar, which specializes in interactive and cross-channel communication. Both CommonHealth and Savatar are divisions of the WPP Group of companies.

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