Banner Campaign Touts E-Commerce Moving Site

Storage firm Public Storage expects to debut a banner campaign today to build awareness for its new moving services and to generate sales for its new e-commerce Web site.

Public Storage, Glendale, CA, is placing banner ads on Yahoo under pages where users type in the search words “public storage.” The ads feature a drop-down window when users roll their cursors over products and services. The window provides them with information and offers about the services and links to its e-commerce Web site,

The e-commerce site complements Public Storage's informational Web site,

The ads also appear when users type in a number of other search words, including “move,” “relocation” and “truck rental.” Public Storage is working with interactive agency Gallardo Morgan.

As an incentive to use the services, Public Storage will offer three discounted specials: a $50 discounted airline voucher for self storage; $50 off for pick-up service plus a $100 airline voucher; and $100 off long-distance moving plus a $200 discounted airline voucher.

“Since they don't have the brand awareness about their moving service, the challenge for us was to satisfy their long-standing philosophy of always trying to get a direct sale yet brand for them as well,” said Kelly Morgan, chief operating officer and co-CEO of Gallardo Morgan, Los Angeles.

Public Storage is targeting people who are relocating or recently married. While the company has not placed banners on any other Web sites, it also will target employment sites, such as, and wedding sites.

Morgan said Gallardo Morgan would track the rollover rate — how many people roll their cursors over the banner to access the drop-down window.

“What you're getting by rolling over is the kind of information you would normally get once you click through, so for us the rollover itself is the equivalent to a click through,” he said.

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