Banks, here’s how not to use Twitter

Oh big banks. Will you ever learn?

Bank of America may be the third-largest bank in the world with a wealth of PR and communication resources, but looks like it was pretty clueless when it came to responding to an angry customer on Twitter.  The bank responded to disgruntled tweets with vapid, rote customer service responses. What’s the point of hiring someone to handle your social media if they can’t even appear human?

According to this report by DigiDay, New Jersey dad Mark Hamilton (@darthmark) was scrawling an anti-foreclosure message on the sidewalk outside a Manhattan Bank of America branch before being chased away by the cops. He took to Twitter to vent:

here’s how the exchange played out.


And then…


Now that’s just lazy stuff Bank of America. It clearly looks like its account is being handled by a bot and is completely automated, but surprisingly, the bank told DigiDay that it in fact had humans working the responses. Which is almost sadder. And its not going to do any favors for the image of a big, soulless corporation only out for your money.


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