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B2BTalk.org to Host Chat Session

B2BTalk.org, a non-profit Web site sponsored by Schubert Communications, Downingtown, PA, will hold an interactive chat session March 28 led by Ed Barrett, director of marketing for VerticalNet.

B2BTalk is an online resource and discussion forum for BTB marketing, interactive, advertising, public relations, and design professionals,

Topics discussed will include updating e-marketplace copy and graphics each month, developing effective e-marketing content, optimizing search engine placement, maximizing search engine keywords, and securing product placements in industry newsletters.

At B2BTalk.org, visitors can access feature articles, as well as an archive of previously posted articles; pre-screened industry link directories; a mini-forum; a Top 10 list; an opinion column; archived chat sessions hosted by various B2B experts; and a virtual village of B2B professionals and students from around the globe.

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