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B2Bs Plan to Roll Up Digital and Mobile Capabilities [Infographic]

Marketing is a raw industry. New technologies come in waves, and marketers are always trying to pack their technology stack with the freshest capabilities.

Indeed, AdMedia Partners’ “22nd Annual Marketing Survey 2016,” suggests that digital and mobile features are what many B2B companies plan to order in the years ahead. According to the advisory firm’s survey of more than 6,000 executives from marketing services, media, and technology companies, 54% of respondents say digital represents up to 40% of their business and 31% expect it to encompass 80% or more within two years. What’s more, 65% of respondents expect their mobile ad spending or buying to increase by 15% or more—compared to only 16% who say the same for both online search and display.

Want to add a little extra flavor to your marketing stack? Check out the infographic below to see which technologies to roll with. 

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