B2B Marketers Can Now Self-Serve Ads on Facebook Exchange

Sitescout, a self-service real-time-bidding provider, today announced an integration with AppNexus that will allow businesses of all sizes access to the Facebook Exchange without restrictions tied to spending minimums. FB Exchange allows advertisers to target Facebook users based on their online behavior.

Through another partnership agreement, Sitescout’s B2B users will be able to access eXelate’s data to reach distinct audience targets at scale. They can also retarget their own first-party audiences on Facebook, says the company’s VP of Product and Marketing Ratko Vidakovic.

“It won’t take our clients that much effort to get started on the Facebook Exchange now. There’s not a tremendous amount of planning required,” Vidakovic says. “This will widen marketers’ access in terms of devices, and they will also be able to access additional inventory on the display side.”

Users can also target prospects using third-party data from Bizo, Lotame, and Neustar.

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