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B2B Advertisers Gain Access to YouTube and Mobile Networks

According to Demandbase, half of all U.S. workers use their smartphones on the job, and another 14% watch YouTube there. (And yet our productivity rating tops Britain’s, Germany’s, and Japan’s!) Figuring that there could be few better places for its B2B marketer clients to interact with prospects than at their desks, Demandbase today debuts B2B Video Ads and B2B Mobile Ads.

Demandbase does not use cookies to serve or retarget relevant videos to potential customers, instead relying on its own RTB platform that identifies companies that could have a need for a client’s product or service. The same system is used to serve relevant mobile ads.

“Businesses have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to develop video assets, but most have been unsuccessful at generating any payoff outside of the occasional click on their websites,” says Demandbase CEO Chris Golec. “Similarly, adding B2B mobile targeting measurably increases our ability to get the right message in front of the right person during the workday.”

The Demandbase platform had already connected B2B marketers’ website, marketing automation, and CRM systems.

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