Avrick Turns Dormant Names Into 30-Day Hotlines

Avrick Direct Inc., Santa Barbara, CA, has introduced the Revenue Enhancement Program, designed to address the ongoing problem of inactive, dormant, lapsed or expired names in the list business.

The program produces a 30-day hotline mailing list of 6 million names, according to the company. The Revenue Enhancement Program lets direct marketers fuse these monthly hotline names against their inactive lists each month.

“The strategy behind this launch was to address industry-wide complaints,” said Craig Marr, a Greenwich, CT-based representative for Avrick. “Mailers have been lamenting over the fact that the universe of names has been shrinking, and they worry about how to put them back into play. It’s about leveraging, reusing and reactivating names.”

All of the names made a recent purchase, gleaned from various sources.

Companies can use the hotline names to increase their list sizes, to boost internal numbers and to increase the names available to outside mailers.

“Other companies have also made the effort to overlay data,” Mr. Marr said. “The difference between what we do and what they do is that we allow mailers to mail to the names and they can also grow their revenue by renting them as hotline selects.”

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