Autobase offers voice messaging to dealers

Autobase Inc., a provider of CRM software for auto dealers, has added voice broadcasting capabilities to its lineup.

Powered by Vontoo open API, Autobase software now allows clients to deliver phone messages to consumers. The application works online, through the auto dealer’s consumer database, meaning the messages can be tracked and personalized. Messages can be sent to any landline or Internet-based phone in the US or Canada.

“Autobase wanted to differentiate itself in the marketplace,” said Karrie Wozniak, marketing director for Autobase. “There are a lot of CRM companies offered to auto dealers — more than 60 vendors — so Autobase is moving along the path of offering more services and setting itself apart with permission-based e-mail and permission-based voicemail.”

The company will soon release a product called Platinum CRM for auto dealers. That offering will include e-mail messaging, voicemail messaging and digital marketing options for dealers.

All voicemails from Autobase will offer an opt-out at the end of the first message sent. Messages also give consumers the option to connect directly to a live person.

Wozniak sees as much value in the personalized voicemails, officially called ABVoice, for consumers as for marketers.

“The great value is for service appointment reminders, just like consumers get for the dentist or the hairdresser,” she pointed out.

On the dealer side, she added, “If a manufacturer has a new incentive coming out, like 0% for 60 months on a new Ford Focus, the dealer can go into Autobase and find customers that previously have owned a later model Focus or a similar car. They can grab that list and send an e-mail with tracking capabilities and then leave a voicemail as well for consumers who might really be interested in such a deal.”

Autobase is a division of Dominion Enterprises. The company is based in Indianapolis, IN.

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