AudienceBank Creates Online Funding for Children's Miracle Network

Starting Nov. 15, 3,000 billboards across the United States will invite Internet users to “Point, Click and Help Kids.” The billboards will advertise a partnership between AudienceBank, a leader in audience relationship management, and Children's Miracle Network, a nonprofit that raises funds for 170 affiliated children's hospitals.

The billboards will direct consumers to the Children's Miracle Network Web site, which, beginning Nov. 1, will be enhanced by AudienceBank's Audience Relationship Management tool, which allows users to donate even after they leave the CMN site.

Visitors go to the Web site, click on the Point, Click and Help Kids logo, register and download a toolbar that will be continuously visible on their desktops. The toolbar has a search feature and news feeder. The toolbar also displays sponsors' advertisements. Each time a user clicks on the toolbar, part of the advertising revenue goes to CMN.

“Our system enables advertisers to target these Internet consumers and help a worthy charity at the same time,” said Peter Perri, founder/CEO of AudienceBank. “It allows people to help kids through the Children's Miracle Network whenever they use their computers.”

Traditionally, CMN has raised funds through joint efforts with corporate and retail partners.

“We don't do a lot of direct marketing, so we have no database or direct marketing model to fall back on,” said Craig Sorenson, CMN's vice president of communications. Although CMN's Web site — — allows for online donations, only $10,000 of $208 million raised last year came from this source.

“We're looking for a way to increase online giving,” Sorenson said. “The Web is home to a vast untapped audience for charitable giving. We believe users of the Internet have a great interest in giving back to their community. Through AudienceBank's technology, thousands of Web surfers can now donate to a worthy cause literally by pushing a button. The potential benefit to be gained by local communities is tremendous.”

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