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American Media taps Statlistics for 14 mag files

Statlistics has won list management of 14 magazines from publisher American Media Inc.

American Media is one of the leading consumer magazine publishers in the country with health titles that include Shape, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, Looking Good Now, Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness.

“We chose Statlistics because they are known for their multi-title publishers with niche specialties,” said June Steinfeld, consumer marketing director at American Media, New York.

“Because they are a smaller list management company, we felt they would be able to provide that extra attention that I feel our lists need.”

American Media also publishes The National Inquirer, Star and Country Weekly. The company reaches the Hispanic market through Spanish-language celebrity magazine Mira. The Globe, National Examiner, Weekly World News and Sun are among American Media’s newsweeklies.

Ms. Steinfeld said magazines face many challenges today because of the recent postal rate increase.

“People are mailing less,” she said. “People are moving to the Web. We believe AMI can help us to overcome these challenges.”

American Media works with advertisers including Ford Motor Co., Unilever, Campbell Soup, Subaru, EAS, Procter & Gamble, CMT and GMC.

Statlistics, Danbury, CT, has already identified markets to target.

“Our strategy here is to continue to promote to AMI’s core markets, which include health and fitness buffs and people who read celebrity news,” said Rita Verna, the American Media account manager at Statlistics. “In addition, we plan to expand into different markets through a deeper selection availability.”

The base price for all 14 magazine files will be $100/M.

In the past seven years, American Media has become the fourth largest consumer magazine publisher in the country and No. 2 in retail magazine sales. It publishes six of the top 15 bestselling weekly newsstand titles.

“For us this is a great opportunity for more exposure into the consumer market,” Ms. Verna said.

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