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Amazon to Manage Babiesrus.com for Toys 'R' Us

Toys “R” Us Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. have extended their partnership to Babies “R” Us online.

In an announcement yesterday, Amazon, Seattle, said it will run a co-branded Babiesrus.com store. The deal comes nine months after the two retailers struck a 10-year alliance for Amazon to run a co-branded Toysrus.com site.

Babiesrus.com will handle merchandising, planning, buying and inventory. Amazon will manage Web site development, order fulfillment and customer service and will house Babiesrus.com toys and baby products in its warehouses.

The co-branded Babiesrus.com couples access to Amazon's 32 million customers with the Babies “R” Us database.

“Giving Amazon.com customers access to the Babies 'R' Us registry allows us to establish an online bond with parents before a child is born and begin a lifelong relationship with even more customers,” said John Barbour, CEO of Fort Lee, NJ-based Toysrus.com, in a statement.

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